American, Interrupted


by Dan Thompson "It happened again. A bomb went off along the roadside where Foley and I..." (more)

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Editorial Reviews

Never before has an enlisted soldier’s story of Operation Iraqi Freedom been shared with such vivid detail and frank emotion. This true account is drawn directly from seven war journals written as Corporal Thompson takes you from the brink of conscientious objection on the steps of the Vatican to the city of Baghdad and fighting in Najaf. This is as close as you can get to Iraq without enlisting yourself. Former U.S. Army Corporal Dan Thompson served for over one year in Iraq with the First Armored Division as a driver, operations specialist and unmanned aerial vehicle pilot. He is now a magazine writer and author residing in Europe. FOXNews.com has quoted his opinions and American, Interrupted is his first book.

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The first edition of American, Interrupted was a success with all available books sold out. There will be a second, comprehensively edited edition released in Winter 2008. If you would like to get on the waiting list (with no obligation) simply click here.

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Today there is a war, and today is the first day following a major air strike on Baghdad. Read the first page (coming soon)
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 I was with Thompson in Iraq and this book is the truth, October 22, 2005
Reviewer: Shane (Fort Hood, TX United States)
I served in Iraq with Dan Thompson and read the books that became American, Interrupted. This book is the truth. It is really what happened during our time there.
      I love this book, Feb 10, 2006


Alice (Frankfurt, Germany)

     I love this book. It covers such a wide scope of topics; you can hear the voices of the soldiers, the Iraqi children. Thompson  

     paints a complete picture and then hits you with one-sentence stunner in each paragraph. I can't put my highlighter down.


     Great book, Feb 16, 2006

     Reviewer: Anonymous (Louisville, Kentucky)

     It's only a matter of time until this becomes a screenplay.


      The book is great, Mar 13, 2006

     Reviewer: Ryan (Ft. Knox, Kentucky)

     I'm 350 pages into your book and lovin' all of it. you really did a great job. I share a lot of your sentiments. It's hard to get over 

     some of the crap that went on there [Iraq] but your book really helps sort things out in my head.  Closure of sorts, I suppose. I   

     can't thank you enough for writing it.


      Made it cover to cover and love it, Mar 5, 2006

     Reviewer: Erik (Unk, Arkansas)

     It [American, Interrupted] will be a gold mine for historians.  So much of the war we had has broken the tradition begun in our     

     language during the Peninsular Wars of Napoleon and George. There is becoming less and less letter writing and journal keeping so

     abundant in wars between then and now.  E-mails and phone calls are destroying the records of thought and evolution of

     emotional states that have previously been brought forth by examining the words of soldiers.

      Welcome to the family, May 10, 2006

     Reviewer: Wanda (Frankfurt, Germany)

     There is so much going on in this book, it's great that you are sharing it.


      Getting great reviews, May 8, 2006

     Reviewer: Anonymous (Pennsylvania)

     Everyone I know who has read the book really loves it. I'm glad someone had the courage to tell how things really were in Iraq.  

     My mother flew through the book, and I know she liked it, because she only really reads her Bible.


      The book was great, July 26, 2006

     Reviewer: Alex (California)

     First of all, I loved your book.  The literary grittiness and rawness of it.  Such is Iraq.  The real Iraq today. You did a marvelous  

     job publishing it.  It looks great, as good as your website. I don't understand why it's not listed on Amazon. People who are   

     interested in what's going on there would certainly want to read such a real and personal account.  But I wouldn't be surprised if 

     one day it fell into the right hands of a mainstream publisher who'd pounce on it.


      I loved the book, August 16, 2006

     Reviewer: Alex (California)

     Loved the book bro!!!  I wanted to read it for so long, but found it on a buddy's bookshelf and read through the whole thing in a

     day! Glad you are still writing and doing well.

      Can't put it down, July 26, 2006

     Reviewer: Tom (Colorado)

     By the way, I finished your book a long time ago and loved it. I think you could have a bestseller.










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